Ambush - A War Story poster

The main story line of the movie follows the story of a valued Mizo National Army Major, who was captured by the Indian security forces in an ambush near the Indo-East Pakistan border. This MNF Major is a high value asset for both the MNF and the Indian security forces, for he knows all the ins and outs of the MNF’s operational plans to destabilize Indian defence establishments at various places across Mizoram and even the best kept secrets of the MNF. Hence, it was imperative, both for the MNF to liberate their prized leader before the Indian security forces tortured their secrets and plans out of him on the one hand and for the Indian forces to retrieve the secrets from him as soon as possible, before the MNF launches an operation to liberate their major from captivity on the other. At the same time, the main plot and the main storyline are substantiated by sub-plots that are structured on the hardships that the common people suffered at the hands of the Indian security forces and the MNF on both sides, with elements of romance, psychological pressures and tortures, intimidation etc added to enrich its cinematic and entertainment value. Although the movie is a story based on the Mizo Independence Movement, viewers will see the Movement, not from the perspectives of those who fight for the cause nor from those who attempted to suppress the Movement, but from the perspectives of the common people, who never signed up or were party to the Movement and the stringent counter-measures, but who were the unwilling and pitiful victims of the hardships caused by the Independence Movement and counter-measures meted out by the Indian army.

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