Eleison Zahngai rawh! poster

Mahni anpui kawpna nun leh sakhuana inkungkaihna thua hmeichhe pahnihin an hmachhawn leh an rinna fiaha a awm chanchin a ni. Sakhuana leh rinna in a hawisan tawh hnuah beidawng takin Rini chuan a hnuk a chah hmain chhandamna a zawng ta a. Nimahsela Pathianin ani ang chu a ngaihdamna angchhungah a lo pawm thei dawn em ni?

A story centered on the dogma of homosexuality and its interrelation to religion. It intertwines the story of two homosexual females who are both advancing towards their end and how their faith is tested because of it. Ostracised by her religion and desperate for hope, Rini seeks salvation in her dying moments. But does her God accept one such as her into His forgiving embrace?

  • Genre : Docudrama
  • Run Time : 00:24:43
  • Release Date : 25th Mar, 2022
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