Hand prints on the Clay: Mental Health and Christianity poster

Through powerful interviews and personal stories, "Handprints On The Clay" sheds light on the importance of acknowledging and addressing mental health within the Christian community. It also highlights the need for greater understanding and compassion towards those who are living with mental illness, and the role that faith can play in providing hope and healing.

Ultimately, "Handprints On The Clay" is a deeply moving exploration of the human experience and the ways in which faith, mental illness, and spirituality intersect. This documentary challenges us to reexamine our assumptions about mental health and faith, and to find common ground and empathy for those who are navigating these complex and often painful journeys.
Mimal chanchin leh biangbiakna ngaihnawm tak tak atangin "Handprints on the clay" hian Kristian te zinga mental health (Rilru hriselna) pawimawh zia tarlan a ni a. Tin, rilru lam natna vei te hmangaihnaa enkawl an ngaihzia leh hriatthiam a tul zia leh he chona sang tak mai hmachhawn tura rinna pawimawhzia chiang takin a rawn pholang bawk a ni.

He documentary hian rilru natna leh sakhuana ralkhat atanga kan lo hriat tawh dan a vaw chhe hneh hle a. Tuartute lainatna mita min entir theitu a ni tlat.

  • Genre : Documentary
  • Run Time : 00:32:44
  • Release Date : 22nd Feb, 2023
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