Khawnglung Run poster

Khawnglung Run is an intense tale of love, violence and adventure woven into the backdrop of the historic invasion of the village of Khawnglung.
It tells of the the budding romance of a young warrior in a controversial match-up with his maiden in the renowned hill-top village of Khawnglung.
The love-story, however, takes an awry twist as the things get on the wrong foot between the residents of Khawnglung and their neighboring village Clans.
While our hero is away on a visit tending to his ailing uncle in another village, the enraged joint forces of the neighboring village clans ravage Khawnglung.
They plunder the village, setting fire to the houses and destroying everything in their sight. Most of the unsuspecting residents are killed and the survivors are taken as slaves back to their captors' homes.
As luck would have it our forlorn heroine is one of the prisoners to be led away to become a slave to a 'pawi' warrior huntsmen in an obscure Pawi village. Our clueless warrior returns ...

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