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Spoiled daughter of a cabinet minister, Norah impetuously trying to marry the fortune hunter Albert and Leaving her home for him.
Norah falls in with a guy on the journey, who tries to help her reunite with her new husband in exchange for a reward that her father declared to give away who finds her daughter.
But during their travels, the guy finds himself falling for the feisty young lady.

Cabinet Minister fanu Norah chuan apa duhloh em em mai Albert (MLA) chu ngaizawngin, arukain chhuahsan a inneih tumin Albert chu a pan ta a, mahse a zin kawngah a zinpui tlangval pakhat nen intawngin,
chu tlangval chuan, Minister in a fanu(Norah) tlanbo awmna chin hrilh thei hnena sum a pek a intiam chu, a chan theih dawn chuan, Norah hnenah a pasal thar tur Albert hnen hruaithlen a intiam ta a, mahse Norah chuan chu tlangval chu ahmel duh ta tlat mai a,
tichuan chu tlangval pawh chuan Norah chu apasal thar tur in a hruaithlen hma in zinkawng thui tak an zawh hlanin, Norah chu alo duh ve hman hle a.

  • Genre : Drama, Action
  • Run Time : 02:29:22
  • Release Date : 12th Apr, 2021
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