Scooty poster

A Rom-Com story that revolves around a “Scooty” which spawned life changing events for a small family in a particular village in Mizoram.
In a small village, lived a family who eagerly waits for their brand new Scooty. But upon the arrival, the scooter brings fourth quarrels, disputes and accidents not only to the family but to the whole community. As the main characters continue with their mischievous and childish acts, troubles after troubles befallen the family, but amidst the chaotic atmosphere and conflicts surrounding the Scooty a beautiful romance started to blossom between two families who once had bad blood.

Thingtlang khaw pakhat ah hian chhungkaw pakhat chu an Scooty lei thar tur lo thlen hun tur chu nghakhlel takin an thlir a. Mahse chu Scooty lo thlen meuh chuan, in hauhna te, in tihbuaina hrang hrang te leh tawhsual tam tak an chhungkaw chungah mai niloin an khawtlang chungah thleng a thlen phah a. Mahse chutiang buaina leh harsatna tam tak karah chuan chhungkaw pahnih inkar lo chhe tawh chu hmangaih na in siam that alo ni leh ta a.

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